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Top Copier Features Explained

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There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to choosing a copy machine for your business establishment. Oftentimes, copier machines seem like mysterious UFO equipment due to their various features and level of complexity. All we are concerned with when we approach the copy machine is, “where is the start button?” and “which tray will my document come out of?” Now you may just happen to be tech savvier and not share this common angst experienced by many who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of copier equipment, yet, even so, you’ll likely agree that there are many intricacies that must be considered based upon the required uses one may need the equipment to perform. If you are wondering about how to choose a copy machine for your office, in order to choose the right solution, you have to answer the right questions. So get your list ready by asking yourself the following questions to find the right copier machine.

Uses & Functions

The main question here is “What will the copier be used for?” Do you want to produce just Black and White prints or would you like Color Prints also? Additionally, if your business requires the reproduction of sharp high-resolution quality prints, you will want to consider the graphic capabilities of the equipment. Do you need your office copy machine to make copies only? Perhaps you may need multifunction equipment that will enable you to scan, fax, print, fold, staple, and bind? These to name a few, pertain to the required functional capabilities of your equipment based on what you will need to use it for.


Now that you have determined what you will be using your copier machinery for, you can dig into some additional key details to pinpoint the right machine for your operation. One of the next questions that will help you uncover the needs of your equipment is based on “What is your monthly print volume?” Do you have a small office that only prints a limited amount of copies per day, or do you run an organization with multiple employees, offices, desks, and departments that will print hundreds of documents per day? Various copiers are made to better handle higher volumes of printing, therefore knowing how much you will be using your copier equipment will indicate the options you should be exploring which can handle the volume you will be printing.


Directly related to the volume that you will need to print is the speed at which you will need your copiers to perform. Naturally, if your company will be printing higher volumes, then you’ll need to consider speedier machines in order to prevent delays in your operation due to slower-performing copier machines. This is especially important if what your employees will be printing are lengthier documents or projects that will tie up the machines. Faster machines will enable you to keep up with the demand of your operation. However, if your office is smaller or just does not require as much printing other than an occasional document here or there, the need for speed may vary.

Paper handling

Next on the list has to do with the nature of paper sizes of the documents that will be printed, scanned, or copied, etc. “What size paper does your business need to print?” Perhaps your documents must always be printed in legal or ledger size? A basic copier may not handle larger sizes of paper, so this is a key detail to note. Most multifunction copiers come standard with a variety of all the paper tray sizes including Letter, Legal, & Ledger. If you already know that you will never need those sizes, then you may not need as complex of a copier machine.


At times, you may come to realize that one machine just isn’t enough. This leads us to a final key question, “How many copier machines do you need in your business establishment?” It might make more sense to have more than one machine, especially if high volumes will need to be produced by multiple employees in separate departments. Additionally, if your offices are in a huge building and employees will be on different floors or corners of the floor plan, then getting a few or even several pieces of copier equipment might be necessary to maintain efficiency and ensure employees’ time is being spent productively.

Answering these questions is a great start that will help you to streamline the process of choosing the right copy equipment for your business. The truth of the matter is that an expert in copier equipment will help guide you to the best solution. Additionally, when consulting with a professional to help you choose a copy machine, if the provider you are considering for your copier equipment also performs maintenance and repairs, you are in good hands. As a result of performing the copier repairs and maintenance, they will have extensive knowledge on the inner workings of equipment as well as the added bonus of maintenance and repair support options for the equipment you choose.

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